Alloy wheels are available in a multitude of sizes and colors.
Learn more about the advantages of these options in this article.


Are you looking to stay with the OEM size? If you simply want to change the look of your vehicle, it can be a good decision as you’ll be able to install your stock tires on the new wheels. To completely change the look of the vehicle, you can choose to upsize to a bigger diameter. This will drastically improve the look of the vehicle by filling the extra space in the wheel wells. On the other hand, if you are looking for winter wheels, downsizing an inch or two from the OE specs is a good choice, allowing to have a taller tire profile for better handling in the snow.


With the different finishes now available on the market, you will have to decide if you want to install colourful wheels or a more classic finish like silver or black. On modern cars from the past decade, the black machined two-tone finish is very popular and there is a great selection of aftermarket wheels with that specific finish. Selecting the correct wheel colour will greatly depend on the vehicle’s colour. You might be looking for a tone-on-tone look, for a classic silver finish or for a more subtle all black finish.


This will determine what finishes you can or can’t use depending on the seasons when you are using the wheels. For a wheel that will be used in winter, snow and abrasives, it is recommended to get a “solid” colour like silver or matte black. Two-tone wheels are not recommended for winter use and they should be, like brightly coloured wheels, reserved for summer temperature (or all year long for states without snowy winter).

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