One of the most common questions we receive concerns the difference between a regular steel rim and a stylish alloy wheel. There are several differences you should know about before deciding what to buy.

WEIGHT. Steel rims, with the same dimension as an alloy wheel, will be a lot heavier. Saving unsprung weight on elements like wheels will translate into better vehicle performance and improved gas mileage. If performance and fuel economy are priorities for you, we suggest alloy wheels, specifically for diameters of 17 inches and more where the weight difference will be significant. If you are looking for the lightest cast wheels available for track use or for a sports car, the Flow Form line is a good solution, offering very light wheels for a low price when compared to forged wheels.

SOLIDITY. Steel rims are made of two pieces welded together (barrel and face), as opposed to alloy wheels that are usually a one-piece casting. Alloy wheels are generally stronger than steel rims; however, steel rims are easy to repair or to fix a bend if they get damaged. An alloy wheel will be impossible to repair in many cases.

STYLE. Steel rims are usually the same design from one model to another and they are normally black. The only way to change their style is to change the plastic wheel covers installed on them. Alloy wheels, on the other hand, are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and finishes. From a matte black wheel with milled inserts to a shiny orange wheel with a machined lip. You can find pretty much anything you want with an alloy wheel.

PRICE. If you are looking to spend as little as possible for replacement wheels, winter wheels, for a full-size spare, or to replace a damaged OEM wheel, the steel rims will be a perfect choice for you. The “OE” or “Replica” line of wheels is also a great way to replace an OEM alloy wheel at a fraction of the price charged at the dealership. If you want to personalize your vehicle, move to a bigger diameter or get a nice wheel design to complement your vehicle for summer use, then the alloy wheels are your ideal choice.

There are good options for the different needs a customer may have.

With the correct answers to your questions, you will be able to determine exactly what product is the right one for you.