Toronto Canadian International Autoshow 2017

May 16, 2017

Toronto Canadian International Autoshow 2017

RTXWHEELS attended for the 4th consecutive year the Toronto International Auto Show continuing their coast to coast autoshow tour and unveilling the 2017 wheels and truck accessories collection.
This year, the CIAS broke all records ! Almost 340,000 people visited this prestigious automotive show during the 10-day exhibition. We can not ignore the first stop in North America of the AM-RB 001 from Aston Martin and Red Bull. A pure and hard monster that has just been named Valkyrie.



Like in previous years, the RTX Wheels kiosk was very busy and in addition this year we were lucky to have Nick Andrew (CEO: ar12gaming) visit during the first weekend of the autoshow.




RTX wheels continues to showcase their 2017 wheels collection on their roadtrip. Next stop: Vancouver from March 28 to April 2 for the Vancouver international autoshow.


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