Time to change your tires!

May 13, 2019

Time to change your tires!

Despite ongoing snow accumulation in some regions , the official time of the year to change your tires has arrived!

Some points to remember:
- The arrival of sping does not mean that it is mandatory to change your tires. Motorists should rely on temperature and weather forecasts to make that decision. Even though the days are getting warmer, the water resulting from melting snow can turn back into ice once the sun sets. We must therefore remain vigilant.
- Once the temperature becomes more stable, changing your tires is also the perfect opportunity to: check tire pressure, balance the wheels, check the condition of your winter tires for next year, and at the same time, check the condition of your spare tire.
- Keeping your winter tires on in the summer is not a good idea: the rubber on winter tires wears quickly on hot asphalt. It is therefore preferable, and safer, to change your tires!
- To keep your tires in good condition, both in summer and winter, it is suggested to store them in a cool and dry place.

Some will be able to change their tires themselves. This pertains mainly to people who have two sets of wheels, already installed on the right tires (one set for summer and one set for winter). For others, plan ahead to get an appointment with your garage, the demand will be high!


Spring is here!
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