Meet Jul Torq!

November 04, 2019

Meet Jul Torq!

This week, the RTX team presents an interview with car influencer Julien Fortin.

Known as Jul Torq, Julien manages and creates content for several successful Instagram pages such as Torq Army, Torq Off-Road and Jul Torq.


RTX team: Julien, tell us a bit about your experience in the automotive industry?

Julien: Where to start?! I attended Georgian College Ontario for 3 years in Automotive Business Administration and completed my BBA (Automotive) at Northwood West Palm Beach Florida University. After finishing school, I spent more than 13 years in events, product launches and auto shows as a manager and product specialist. During those 13 years, I also gave training in classes and on race tracks to corporate, dealer and public people, for Ford, Lincoln, GM, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota.


RTX Team: How and why did you create Torq Media?

Julien: During my time at Ford, I was part of the team responsible for social medias and as a Ford personality in various car shows. Already at that time, I liked to interact with car enthusiasts, but several internal corporate rules limited my potential. That's when I created Torq Army. Subsequently, several pages followed: Torq Off-Road, Jul Torq, Jul Torq French and many others, all under the banner Torq Media.

RTX Team: What were your biggest inspirations in creating Torq Media? 

Julien: With my work. I had the chance to travel a lot across Canada and the United States. I met a lot of people who had a big influence on me like Carroll Shelby, Jack Roush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Saleen, John Force, Alan Mulally, Lee Iacocca and I am forgetting some.


RTX team: For some years now, you have been associated with RTX. Why this association?

Julien: First, it is a company based in Quebec and very involved in the community.

Furthermore, I have some friends working at RTX that helped me create the first contact. Finally, their quality and affordable products are produced to withstand the Canadian climate.


RTX Team: How do you perceive the next years in the automotive world?

Julien: I anticipate mega alliances and mergers between the manufacturers that will share resources and technologies. Automotive platforms will be reduced and used as hot wheel bases. I think we will have a range of choices, style and ability, but all with the same base below. Electrification and autopilot are on our doorstep and new players from the electronic world will be added to the game.


RTX Team: Are you working on other projects right now?

Julien: For over a year now I’ve done road tests with vehicles from several manufacturers. The resulting photos and videos allow me to share my experiences with my audience. I also work with many automotive companies on marketing / social media programs to improve their online presence and sales.


On behalf of Team RTX, thank you Julien for this excellent interview and good luck in your future projects!