Taking It Off-Road

July 05, 2019

Taking It Off-Road

Looking for tough and stylish wheel options for your truck or SUV? RTX has launched three new wheel designs for our OFF-ROAD line in 2019.

Engineered for pickup trucks and SUVs, the OFF-ROAD line features the latest innovations and a full catalog of classic designs. Produced using low pressure casting, the wheels are compliant with the JWL and VIA industry standards.

Check out our latest designs:


Built like a tank, the new Panzer wheel distills the aggressive spirit of your pickup truck with 10 spokes, a deep, concave look and a machined face. Offered in 17-, 18- and 20-inch diameters for all makes and models of pickup trucks, Panzer wheels are the perfect size and dimensions to fit OEM suspensions and tires.



Perfect for your Jeep or pickup truck, the Baja wheel is stylized with 12 holes and machine bolts on the edge of the lip. Offered in 17-inch diameter with a 9-inch width and an aggressive offset that can go up to -18 in some applications, the dimensions of the Baja are perfect for OEM suspensions and tires. The wheels are offered with two different, bold finishes: satin black with milled rivets and bronze with black lip.


Ready for adventure? Providing an aggressive and sturdy look, the Gobi wheel model is compatible with the majority of modern pickup trucks. Available in 18’’ and 20’’ versions, the Gobi is offered with two different finishes: gloss black with red lip and satin black with satin gray spokes.


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If you’re looking for the perfect wheels for your SUV or pickup truck, you don’t have to go any further than checking out the RTX OFF-ROAD line. Ready to see how our some of our bold and classic designs will look on your vehicle? Try out our online wheel configurator. For more information, visit www.rtxwheels.com or contact your local retailer.


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