Subaru STI - Stag Matte Black

May 16, 2017

Subaru STI - Stag Matte Black

The Subaru STI has been standing apart from the rest on North American roads for over 10 years and it now has a strong following of enthusiasts.

Some of them are arguing that the flagship turbocharged, all wheel drive monster sedan from Subaru is not giving the same raw driving sensations as it was back in 2004 with the addition of different electronic devices and comfort creatures. But the main elements that make the STI so unique are still there, from the turbocharged boxer engine to the all-wheel-drive system and race-inspired bucket seats.


Aftermarket parts are everywhere for this car, and using a few proven ones for the air intake, exhaust and ECU, this STI starts up with the famous Subaru rumble sound, thus showing its true nature. With the crystal white pearl color and black accents, thanks to the lip kit and R-Spec Stag wheels with the matte black finish, the STI featured here sure gets attention everywhere it goes.


Created from a collaboration between a few local shops and the automotive actuality website, this STI is a great example of projects that are popular in the Subaru community : subtle at first sight, but raw and almost brutal Once it hits the road!


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