Sema Show - Stay tuned

May 13, 2019

Sema Show - Stay tuned

LAS VEGAS -- It's QUIZ time! You’re a wheel manufacturer. Your company offers a range of 150 different models. You’re participating for the first time in the largest automotive equipment exhibition in the world. Here's the question: Which wheels do you select to display for the event?


 Difficult, isn’t it? Obviously, we here at RTX Wheels wanted to select the most attractive rims from our four available lines: RTX (original and classic series), R-Spec (sport application), RTXoe (stylized replicas) or OR (vans and SUVs).

And you’ll want to pay special attention, not just to the SEMA selection this year, since RTX is also preparing a ton of wheel releases in the coming weeks. In particular, there will be several models for trucks and luxury cars with new and bright finishes. Bright enough to justify their place at the RTX Wheels booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.


RTX Wheels absolutely had to participate in SEMA this year, especially since we started a major expansion to the United States this year. This expansion will allow RTX to expand sampling, in addition to providing more specialized products. Basically, "more stock and more choice out of the ordinary."


After the resounding success of SEMA 2017, RTX Wheels certainly plans to be present for the 2018 edition. In addition, there is a good chance that the kiosk will be even more visible if RTX manages to position the display in the South Hall. That is to say, in the largest display area for ​​wheel manufacturers.
Also note that RTX Wheels will be present at the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Auto Shows.
We will draw a set of rims at each of these shows to gift to lucky show-goers.

Details will be available before Christmas on the RTX Wheels Facebook page.


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