Sema Show 2017 - RTX WHEELS leaves its mark!

May 13, 2019

Sema Show 2017 - RTX WHEELS leaves its mark!

LAS VEGAS -- At US customs, the tension is palpable. The officer scrutinizes our passports. After what seems an eternity, he sends a signal to the two officers near him to lead us to a small, dimly lit room. On the only table in the room, a box of latex gloves. We all hoped it to be a bad dream about then.  

Fortunately, yes! Thanks to the meticulous planning of the four members of the RTX logistics team, that worst-case-scenario never happened. Why? To take part at the world's largest car show exhibition -- the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas -- the challenge is to clear customs with as much promotional material as it takes to showcase RTX Wheels at its first appearance at this prestigious event, without alarming officials.  

The team's first mission was to ensure that all RTX promotional material arrived safely and on time. In particular, the 40 wheels hand-picked specifically for SEMA.

  Next, the goal was to present the range of RTX products to the entire automotive industry at SEMA. In fact, nearly 140,000 visitors from around the world participate in this major event.  
SEMA is also a golden opportunity to establish business relationships among the 2,400 companies that appear during the four days of the show. RTX Wheels has landed in force in a market as big as that of the United States. Surely, the clientele is huge, but the competition is just as important. RTX Wheels was really impressed by people’s reactions, and their desire to want to know more about the diversity and quality of our large selection of wheels.

 Following this first experience, rest assured that RTX Wheels will be present at the 2018 SEMA Show. Since we managed to pass customs so easily, we will take the opportunity to create and present a kiosk even more extravagant than this year’s!

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