New in 2018

May 13, 2019

New in 2018

Summer is fast approaching and promises to meet all expectations with RTX. It's nearly a dozen exciting new models in the four categories that are added to our 2018 range.


RTX Series 

The satin finish is in the spotlight with the three new models of the popular RTX series: SCIMITARNETWORK AND CONCORDE. While the first one displays a Satin Bronze finish, the other two are rather pronounced on the Black Satin.


R-SPEC Series

This new model Impulse of the R-Spec Series is definitely a favorite for all lovers of automobiles tuning. However, you will have to make the heartbreaking choice between finishes with different styles: Black Machined Copper and Machined Platinum. What an amazing show!


OE Series

Notice to BMW, Jaguar and Ford Mustang vehicle owners, we thought of you. These three new models will enhance the look of your vehicle without '' clashes ''. In this category of replicas style more conservative, but still catchy, you will now find STADEAPACHE and WHITLEY.


OR Series

The RTX team wants to be sure to offer pickup truckers something to stand out for without compromising on the sturdiness of their vehicle. The 2018 catalog now hosts OUTLAW and RAIDER. An undeniably robust style thanks to the Black Satin and Machined Black finishes. And since we want to make everyone happy, a brand new Black finish with Milled Roses adds to the many color choices for the SPINE model.



In short, the problem is definitely not the availability of wheel sets, nor the almost infinite expanse of possibilities, but to choose between more than 150 wheel models! Good shopping! RTX. Although, with such competitive offers, you can buy a set of wheels for all circumstances. Like watches, but in more class!

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