Mazda RX7 - Stag matte black

May 16, 2017

Mazda RX7 - Stag matte black

The Mazda RX7 has long been an icon of the car tuning scene. In Quebec, few models are as interesting as the one presented here.   
After three years of work, the owner of this Canadian RX7 1993 tells us that his car is close to the perfect vehicle he dreamed of. Following an unfortunate incident in 2014 during which the rotary engine failed at an event in Toronto, it is at this time that the bulk of the modification work began on the car. 


Credit : Maxime H Collin Photography


The potential of a rotary engine is often found with the addition of turbochargers and this is precisely the case here. With all the modifications to support the two turbos all that is needed is a complete dynamometer test to finalize the mechanical part of the project.


Credit : Jag Imaging 


The exterior of the car remains rather discreet, the design of the RX7 being timeless it takes little to bring out the lines. A carbon fiber body kit fits perfectly with the RTX R-SPEC mat black wheels to contrast with the gray of the body.

Credit : Bad Boys Nations


The car should be completed next year with new paint and the finalization of the engine tuning. We’ll be sure to check in again in a year’s time to see the beautiful results!


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