Introducing the RTX Soft roll-up tonneau cover

July 05, 2019

Introducing the RTX Soft roll-up tonneau cover

This week we are pleased to present and accessory from the RTX Line.

As a first product we would like to introcude you to the Soft roll up tonneau cover. Below you will find 5 attributes that will make this tonneau cover a must for your pick-up truck as well as the list of available applications.

5 points to remember:

1-       Affordable price.

2-      Easy installation in less than 15 steps that requires no drilling into your truck.

3-       Its low style will give a great look to your truck, while keeping it aerodynamic.

4-       The RTX tonneau cover is light and therefore will not affect your fuel consumption.

5-      Comes with a 5 years warranty.

List of applications:


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