Impeccable 4 season look!

May 13, 2019

Impeccable 4 season look!

Winter doesn’t just bring snow, it also brings about steel-wheel season; those bland and soulless wheels we all know so well. However, as mentioned in the Get Ready for Winter text , alloy wheels are just as competitive as steel wheels.

How to find alloy winter wheels
RTX Wheels offers more than 80 different approved-for-winter wheel models. Finding your ideal set couldn’t be any easier. At, just check the "Approved for Winter" checkbox, and you're done.

You’ll find the same original-style wheels as the ones on your vehicle in the Series RTX OE. Every one of our winter-ready alloys are offered at a ridiculous price, but made with the same quality. Makes you wonder why anyone would ever opt for a steel wheel…  


Approved for the winter: What's the difference?
The low-pressure molding of alloy wheels makes RTX Wheels stand out from competition. This method increases the density of the metal, which makes it extremely resistant. Alloy winter wheels from RTX also benefit from a full paint finish to reduce rust caused by abrasives. And they are also offered with a 3-year warranty and are JWL-VIA certified, which are among the most stringent standards in the industry.

In short, more than 80 models are available at RTX Wheels. You can finally enjoy the benefits of the cold season, and prepare for the sunny season with much more attractive and safe wheels on your vehicle.


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