How to choose your summer tires: Truck.

May 17, 2019

How to choose your summer tires: Truck.

Last week we talked about how to choose your summer tires for your car. Your budget, your type of vehicle, your driving style and your annual mileage were some of the things to consider. For your truck tires, the elements to be taken into account are practically the same.


Choose your 4 × 4 tires according to your needs


Three types of use of a 4 × 4 vehicle are generally considered:



Urban: 4 × 4 road tires for 4WD road sedans are responsive and precise in bends and on straight lines (for city and highway)



Off-road: 4x4 off-road tires are reinforced to go off-road and face extreme situations thanks to wide rubber compounds and a reinforcement at the side and the structure.


Mixed: Mixed tires (4 × 4 SUV) are very cut, reinforced and level of structure and blanks and cutting edge design (off-road)



It is therefore necessary to choose the type of 4 × 4 tires that will be suitable for this type of use.

The type of soil is not the same in the city as in the mountains or on the ground (off-road). Taking into account these criteria in the choice of 4 × 4 tires is a guarantee of safety because the 4 × 4 tires are the only links between the off-road vehicle and the road, they must therefore be perfectly adapted to ensure good handling and driver safety.




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