Get your vehicle ready this summer!

May 13, 2019

Get your vehicle ready this summer!

How to choose summer tires for your car.

Before choosing your summer tires, it is important to consider several elements. You will first need to consider your budget, vehicle type, driving style and annual mileage, as well as the recommendations of your car manufacturer.

Once these factors are taken into consideration, you will now need to determine the tire size you need. The size of your tires is usually between 13 and 22 inches. How to find the right size? Simple! Inside your driver's door is an information plate that contains the original diameter of your wheels.


On the tires, you’ll find several codes that define among others, their dimensions. For example, if you find the indication: 215 / 40R 18 89W.

215: corresponds to the width of the tire (in mm)

40: represents, in percentage, the ratio between the height of the sidewalls and the width of the tire.

R: means that it is a radial tire.

18: indicates the diameter of the rim, in inches.

89: refers to the load capacity of the tire. (See a charter)

W: Tire speed rating. Letters go from L (75mph to (Y) (186mph+)  (See a charter online)

You will then need to determine the type of tire you want. Among these, there are summer tires and performance tires.


Performance tires:

High performance tires are designed for drivers who want speed and performance. These tires harness the power of your engine and stick to the road like race tires, but they also have a reduced wear rating and generally do not last as long as other types of tires. These are the ideal tires for your RTX R-Spec wheel designs.


Summer tires:

Often "ordinary" tires are called "summer tires". They will fit perfectly with your RTX or RTX OE wheels. Summer tires offer excellent wet grip, making them ideal for spring showers and summer storms. However, their soft rubber hardens when the temperature drops to 7 degrees or less, making them unsuitable for winter driving.



For any other questions regarding tires and wheels, do not hesitate to contact an RTX retailer.


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