Get ready for winter !

May 13, 2019

Get ready for winter !

Alloy wheels: a wise choice!   

You can see two types of car during winter. Those with steel wheels and those with alloy wheels. The dilemma is recurrent. Which one is best? And, above all, where is my wallet in the equation?   

Let's first look at the difference between their components. Since steel is an alloy of iron, the two types of wheels are basically alloys. The second one is composed from around 95% aluminum and around 5% silica and other elements. Initially, the wheels were made of magnesium alloys, hence the term "Mag".


The price

Our wallet is always affected by winter : set of tires, accessories, remote starter, etc. Nowadays, the price difference between a steel wheel and an alloy wheel is minimal; considering sustainability and style, the logical choice remains alloy.


The weight

Fuel consumption will definitely be affected. In general, each 100 lbs of weight removal will reduces fuel consumption by approximately 0.5 liters per 100 kilometers.


The driving

The steel wheels are considerably heavier. However, the weight is not added to the suspension springs (unsprung weight). This type of weight will have a greater effect on driving. This will increase grip on slippery surfaces when the car is stationary. The weight helps to increase the contact area of ​​the tires. On the other hand, when the car is in motion, it's the opposite; the handling will be affected by the extra weight of the steel wheels.

Unlike alloy, rust significantly affects steel. The beautiful black wheels quickly become orange. There is little risk of this affecting their durability, but it is common to see airtight failures with the tire.

In short, alloy wheels are a wise choice, considerably more aesthetic. They are free of rust and optimize handling. Your choice is simple !   

RTX wishes you a beautiful winter. Let's drive carefully!



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