FlowForged Technology

July 05, 2019

FlowForged Technology

Some of the RTX models are produced using Flow Forged technology. This is the case of the 2019 FF10 model. Here is more information about this production method.

Flow Forged technology is a procedure that makes the material of the wheel turn on a mold at high speed, and uses hydraulic steel rollers to form the wheel under great pressure. This pressure forces the metal to take the shape of the mold, which creates the form of the wheel. In this process, the metal « flows down» the mold, hence the name of the technology, creating the width of the wheel. The pressure applied on the wheel changes the mechanical properties and the density of the metal, which increases its strength to be similar to that of forged wheels. As a general rule, wheels built with Flow Forged technology are 15% lighter and stronger than standard alloy wheels. The wheels are then heat treated to finalise the process and increase the impact resistance of the final product.

In closing, there are significant advantages to use these process: wheels being stronger and lighter which is everything you want in a dedicated race car.

Here is the process in 3 steps:


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