Enzo Dias 2017 - RTX Wheels is proud to support a young athlete from home!

May 13, 2019

Enzo Dias 2017 - RTX Wheels is proud to support a young athlete from home!

QUEBEC - "Weightlifting: an Olympic sport that consists in lifting the heaviest load at arm's length through the execution of two movements: the clean-throw and the snatch. ''The Quebec Weightlifting Federation''.   

Enzo Dias is a 19-year-old weightlifter who lives in the Quebec City area. Despite his young age, he weighs about 79 kg and is five feet six inches tall. The least we can say is that he has the physique for the job. He will attempt in December to qualify to represent Canada at the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships in Uzbekistan.

Since the beginning of his career in September 2014, Enzo has also won many victories. He was just 16 when he began his weightlifting career. The same year, he participated at the Quebec Games. He then took the third step of the podium at the Canadian Junior Championship by lifting 106 kg in the snatch and 141 kg in the clean and jerk. He delivered a similar performance at the Quebec Junior Championship. In May 2017, he finished 8th at the Senior Canadian Championship with a result of a 120 kg snatch and 150 kg in the clean and jerk.

On the first weekend of December, Enzo earned the first place at the Quebec Junior Championship.

These exceptional results are definitely a combination of hard work, of perseverance, and above all of passion that he knew how to exploit to the fullest. According to Enzo: "my whole life is organized according to weightlifting".


For 2018, his goal is to return to the Halifax' Canadian Junior Championship on January 20 and secure a first place to advance to the Junior World Championship. He also hopes to join the Elite level, which includes the eight best weightlifters in Quebec, all categories combined. To do so, he will have to get up to 135 kg in the snatch and 165 kg in the clean and jerk in competition.



The entire RTX Wheels team wishes him the best of success in 2018!

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