RTX aims to please car enthusiasts

November 04, 2019

RTX aims to please car enthusiasts

At RTX Wheels, we work hard to create the highest quality wheels to meet every need and please any vehicle owner.

Among our exciting new offerings in 2019, we debuted the FF10 wheel, the latest model in our R-SPEC series, that is designed to appeal to car enthusiasts.

The FF10 wheel is classic, sporty design with 10 open spokes, providing room for oversized brakes to breathe. The FF10 is available in 18'' (8.5KG) and 19'' (10KG). Offered in a timeless gunmetal finish, the wheel offers a refreshing and refined look that will complement any paint color.




After starting out with just three models back in 2003, RTX Wheels now offers more than 150 different wheel options for every car and truck. Our R-SPEC line offers wheels at the forefront of style and technology, designed to fit the tastes of the most enthusiastic vehicle owners:

·         Larger diameters

·         Bright color finishes

·         Staggered options

·         Sports cars applications



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Built to meet our exacting requirements, R-SPEC wheels are compliant with the JWL and VIA industry standards. Many models from this line are produced using Flow-Forged technology to provide lighter and stronger alloy wheels. Learn more

Our wheels are built to last, providing the added value of honest pricing and excellent warranties. We keep an eye on the latest market trends, incorporating the latest technological innovations to produce durable and eye-catching models for any vehicle.

If you’re looking for classy wheel to suit your classy vehicle, check out the new FF10 as well as the other models in the R-SPEC line. You don’t have to wait until the wheels are installed to see how they actually look. For a sneak peek of how our wheels will look on your vehicle, try out our online wheel configurator. For more information, visit www.rtxwheels.com or contact your local retailer.

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