A Wheel for Every Need

July 05, 2019

A Wheel for Every Need

Find the right look for your car, truck or SUV with RTX Wheels

When you’re looking for new wheels for your vehicle, choice matters. Now U.S. customers have access to a whole new world of options through RTX Wheels.

Looking for stylish? Sturdy? Want OEM-inspired replacement wheels for your ride? Whatever your need, we have an option. We’re proud to offer 150 models of alloy wheels.

Our comprehensive and stylish selection of offerings has evolved with the times, always incorporating the latest technological innovations and market trends. With honest pricing and great warranties, our wheels are built to last. They are produced using low-pressure casting and are compliant with JWL and VIA industry standards.

With all these choices, new customers might need a quick rundown of our main wheel lines. We’re happy to oblige.



Our original line: The classic RTX series offers unsurpassed selection in the industry to please any customer. Offered in the most common dimensions and applications, these wheel models are truly timeless.



Want something a little flashier? The R-SPEC line offers larger wheels, bright color finishes as well as staggered options and sports cars applications. Many of the wheels in this line are manufactured using Flow Forged technology, making them lighter and stronger than other varieties.



Want something looks as good as it is tough? The OR line is engineered for pickup trucks and SUVs. We introduce new models every year featuring the latest designs that truck owners love, as well as maintaining a catalog of classic models offered in previous years.



Need an economical, high-quality wheel to match those on your current vehicle? We can help. Offering a vast selection of OEM-inspired wheels, RTX covers more than 20 manufacturers with 70 models available. This series also offers great solutions for any season with OEM-like rims with a larger diameter for summer travel.


Want to learn more?

When you’re in the market for new wheels, check out RTX. Try out our online wheel configurator for a sneak peek of how they’d look on your vehicle. For more information, visit www.rtxwheels.com or contact your local retailer.


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