2018 Summer Trends

May 13, 2019

2018 Summer Trends

Forecast: Warm weather!
Sun is out, it’s time to get your nicest wheels out. Oops! After removing the dust of your wheels, you realize that they are not up to your ambitions. Your vehicle is gleaming but you are only missing the right set. Lucky you, RTX Wheels has what you need.    

Black Widow
The Black Widow model is, as we say, a "no brainer". A mix of European and Japanese designs make them breathtaking on any car.  The black machined grey blend brings out the five double branches perfectly. You can have it in black machined or all black finish. We know what you're thinking: are there reasonable dimensions for such a perfect wheel style? The answer is yes, of course. Available in 16 inches blooming to 20 inches.

The Ravine wheels will get you the 'wow' factor you were looking for! This new 2018 model will get you in style to your happy hour. Plus the elegance of the black finish gives it a strong look.

Looking to be on trend this summer? We got your back with our Delta model. Its simplicity is reminiscent of a racing style vehicule. It will enhance the look of your car. Any vehicle equipped with this set immediately becomes a "head turner". This is mainly because of the black machined bronze finish. Result? Many people admiring your vehicle. Stunned look #NailedIt.

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